HVAC & Plumbing Construction

Maxair Construction offers a variety of services designed to meet the customer’s HVAC and Plumbing needs.  We are capable of designing and installing the most complicated HVAC and Plumbing systems using our in-house Engineering/CAD department.  Our Construction team specializes in renovation and retrofit projects, tenant projects as well as whole building renovations and new construction.

Our sheetmetal, pipefitting, and plumbing technicians are trained professionals.  Journeymen have completed a 5-year trade school training and apprenticeship program designed for their specific trades.  Our experience on a variety of jobs provides a background in all types of work including industrial, institutional, commercial, and specialty environments.  We employ our own mechanics because we feel that is the best way for us to meet the needs of our customers. 

The project management staff is comprised of degreed engineers, which allows us to tackle more complicated projects.  Their experience ranges from small commercial projects to large industrial applications.  We also have extensive experience in data centers, clean rooms and other special environments.